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Data privacy

Data privacy

In accordance with the personal data protection law, all and any personal data provided by filling this contact form will be included in a database which remains the property of Dimeco Group.

By sending this form, users are tacitly giving their consent to this information becoming part of the aforemtioned database, which exists for the purpose of gathering information for promotional and/or commercial use.

In accordance to the aforementioned law, Dimeco Group will not pass any data to any parties and will not use data for any purpose other than that mentioned in the paragraph above.

The data owner can assert their rights to access, modification, cancellation and opposition in the terms established by the law by contacting:

Usine de Besançon-Pirey (25)
2, rue du Chêne – ZI la Louvière


+ 33 (0)3 81 48 38 00

Usine de Besançon-Pirey (25)
2, rue du Chêne
ZI La Louvière
25480 Pirey

+34 943 639 004

Arañaburu 4- D1B
Pol.Ind. Lanbarren
20180 Oiartzun