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Familly owned business, founded in the early 1957, Dimeco is now one of the world leaders for sheet metal coil production systems.
Georges Jeanney, the founder, very early realized the market is worldwide and brought Dimeco to its actual 75% export level
The rise of coil process in the years 1962 required the erection of a brand new production plant in the surroundings of Besançon, capital of French Stamping business.
Reaching now 8000 m² (86000 sq ft), it is a large modern factory managed with lean Engineering process in order to get the best from is highly skilled working force…
As a focus to a cleaner environment, since 2009, the roof is covered with photovoltaic cells producing more than 110,000 kW every year.
After Georges Jeanney’s death in 2009, Christine, his daughter, took over the chairmanship and is fully dedicated to go further in world market development.

  • The French headquarter engineers and manufactures  all press feed equipment used for any lines in the world, cut to length lines as well as “Flexilines”  (LINAPUNCH flexible coil punching and LINACUT Coil fed fiber laser), equipment for press control & safety equipment , quick die and coil change equipment.
  • The Spanish Branch recently got a brand new factory in Oiartzun (near San Sebastian) where we  manufacture high production Flexible punching and Rollforming  equipment
  • The recent Joint Venture DKMFS manufactures in Pune (India) press feed equipment and cut to length line for the Indian market.

Dimeco R & D department designs all our products, as well for mechanical engineering as for controls and software and allows large product customization.
Our working force includes about 100 people in Pirey (France), 35 in Oiartzun (Spain) and 8 in the Pune (India) joint venture.

The word of the president

My target for Dimeco is a clear growth in term of turnover and world market share …
We are increasing our presence in the world, and to do so we are getting  new dealers, reviving existing network and finalizing our US branch. This clearly includes service solutions for every places in the world.
This strategy can only be based on customer satisfaction, this is why we put all effort to constantly improve products quality and customer service.
The beauty of a Family owned business like Dimeco is that we can achieve our strategy without drastic disruption created by the economy fluctuation.

 150 people on 3 sites

  • Besançon – France 8000 m²
  • Oiartzun – Spain 5000 m²
  • Pune – India  1000 m²

Dimeco Pirey photovoltaic roof


Since 2009, on Pirey plant roof a photovoltaic system is producing about 110 000 KW per year.

Lean engineering


To improve  quality and efficiency we have been implementing “Lean manufacturing and engineering” process for 2 years, in all company sectors

Every project and each department is managed through visual board.


  • 1957 — Foundation of SARL A. CHANARD ET C° in order to develop the machine tools business in Besançon.
  • 1965 — Fondation of DIMECO SA standing for «La DIffusion MEcanique COmtoise.
  • 1967 — Foundation of Dimeco Alipresse for press feed line development.
  • 1973 — Construction of the Pirey plant, for Alipresse (today’s surface is 8000 sqm).
  • 1975 — First international exhibition EMO Paris
  • 1988 — Foundation of DIMECO SPAIN : Diseno Mecanica Y Construccion.
  • 2004 — Opening of a selling office in Moscow, Russia
  • 2009 — Christine Jeanney becomes Dimeco president.
  • 2011 —  Opening of joint venture Dimeco-Kirpekar Metal Forming Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in Pune (India)

+ 33 (0)3 81 48 38 00

Usine de Besançon-Pirey (25)
2, rue du Chêne
ZI La Louvière
25480 Pirey

+34 943 639 004

Arañaburu 4- D1B
Pol.Ind. Lanbarren
20180 Oiartzun