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Servo Punching Linapunch MCE

Linapunch is a MULTI-AXIS punching machine, using same standard cartridge tools as most of turret punch presses. It does the same job, from coil, delivering 3 to 20 times more output and offering up to 20 % material saving.

This multi axis punching process has been put on the market by Dimeco in 1982, and we have constantly improved it using the latest technology and the feed back from our customers.

Main Points

  • Up to 20 ton punching capacity
  • 6000 to 12000 punching strokes per hour (non stop operation)
  • Servo «toggle press» delivers smooth punching
  • Programmable punching stroke allows forming operations
  • Tonnage control for press protection
  • Auto index and multi index
  • 500 mm (20 in.) to 1500 mm (60 in.) width capacity
  • Up to 72 tools available by using multitools cartridge
  • 4 x tool holders for easy tool change
  • Customized tool holders when necessary
  • Upforming as option
  • Tapping as option



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