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Flexipress is a flexible punching system using a mechanical press to provide high punching rate together with high tonnage capacity .
The “undercranked” construction( crankshaft below the table) allows getting large working area without need of unnecessary tonnage, then providing a compact design easy to install in a workshop.

Concept allows off-centre efforts, so provides capacity to fit several die sets which can be individually driven according to NC program.
NC control and one set of toosl will allow manufacturing several product references…
Using one same coil material. Sets of parts and small batches of different models can be achieved non-stop, optionally programmed straight from ERP.
AC motor with pneumatic clutch or servo drive motor are available with Flexipress.

Main Points

  • Up to 130 ton punching capacity
  • Up to 3000 mm (118”) x 1050 mm(40”)punching area
  • Continuous coil punching with no down time for tool change and blank handling
  • Flexipress can use standard thick turret tools and also specific die sets.
  • Small embossing are available
  • Existing die sets use can be made possible
  • The“undercranked” keeps the strip material free of any oil pollution



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